Kitty Shelter is a "no-kill" cat and kitten rescue group, rescuing abandoned, abused & injured animals in Gauteng.
About us

What is Kitty Shelter?

Kitty Haven was established as a cat sanctuary in September 2000, and started taking in puppies in 2004 and became known as Kitty & Puppy Haven. In 2004 we broke away from our Bramley Branch and have changed our name to Kitty Shelter, so that we can put all our focus and attention on our animals in Parkwood. We are a non-profit, welfare organization and do not receive any Government funding. As such, we rely heavily on donations from the public – people who care about animals in the same way we do.

What do we stand for?

Merien Smidt, founder of Kitty Shelter, recognised an on-going need for an animal welfare organisation that focused on the health of the animals.

Disease was rife in most welfare organisations, to visit them was a depressing experience, especially in those with a policy of not putting down their animals. Merien’s primary aim is to provide a healthy, safe and stress-free environment to aid the rehabilitation of the animals, as well as a beautiful and happy space, for animals and human visitors alike.

What do we provide?

We provide spacious, clean, parasite-and-disease free enclosures. We do not mix animals from different backgrounds, and have a separate isolation hospital for sick animals.

Kitty Shelter has separate boarding facilities for cats only. These cats are kept in separate runs that are apart from the welfare section. The boarding facility is our main source of income and is used to support the welfare cases.

We provide hands-on daily vet care. All volunteers and visitors are educated on hygiene, for example, washing of hands between touching different groups of animals, as well as advice on behavioural problems, correct care and responsible ownership.

We advise people who visit us on care and responsible ownership. All animals are fed Hills Science diet to ensure they get optimum nutrition as the vast majority are malnourished and come from an environment of neglect.

All animals are de-wormed and de-flead on arrival. Thereafter, the animals are sterilized and vaccinated. We have a strict policy that animals are not placed with caring families until they have been sterilized or given vouchers.

By adopting this approach, we ensure that there is no spread of illness within our own sanctuary. Sick animals are nursed back to good health and traumatized and abused animals are rehabilitated.

What do we hope to achieve?

Our number one aim is to STERILIZE, REHABILITATE and RE-HOME our animals in a responsible way.

We are only able to accommodate a fixed number of animals at any one time, namely 30 adult cats and 35 kittens. The animals’ health, happiness and safety are our top priority, which means we do not allow overcrowded conditions. We have rescued and re-homed around 2000 kittens, cats and puppies over the past five years.

What do we need from you?

In order to meet these high standards, we need all the help we can get, not just in terms of financial support but also in terms of help from volunteers, blankets, donated food etc. This is where you can make a huge difference in helping us care for these animals that have no-one else.

An additional area of support that you could provide is to board your cats with us when you are away. We provide the same level of care and love to your animals while they are with us as we do for the welfare animals. In addition, you have the knowledge that you are aiding the care and rehabilitation of our many animals.

All donations are appreciated, no matter how large or small or the form they take, your time, your financial support any other assistance you could give.

All visitors and friends are welcome - call us on (011) 447 5275 or visit us at 45 Newport Road, Parkwood.

Merien Smidt - Founder