Kitty Shelter is a "no-kill" cat and kitten rescue group, rescuing abandoned, abused & injured animals in Gauteng.

Cat / Dog Stories


Rosie sat on the office desk at Cataholics for over two months, -hoping that some kind person would take her home with them. She was there for so long that they called her –the secretary. She’s a lovely white kitty with dark grey markings and a grey head and tail. She also has a sweet little face, but at seven years old, she didn’t hold out much hope of being chosen.

We had lost our kitty, who was ginger and white, a few months previously to ill health and because we had loved her so much, we naturally told the people at Cataholics that we would like a ginger and white kitten. Well, they had in a litter of four such baby kittens, that were still too young to be adopted, but they introduced us to them anyway and we said we’d wait and book a sweet little ball of ginger and white fluff that appealed to us.

They took us through to the office to sign his adoption papers, but as they were busy in the office that morning, with a lot of people coming in and out to buy things or take a kitty home with them, we had to wait a while. Then a few minutes later, Rosie shyly came over and rubbed herself on my legs and jumped onto my lap and began to purr. Then she also walked across and sat on my husband’s lap, so we immediately looked at each other and said, -Rosie is the right kitty for us, as she has obviously chosen us to be her family.

So this is how our darling, sweet natured Rosie, came to live with us. She was timid at first, but now nearly four months later, she’s the boss of the house. She has also started to play with us and chase us about and she loves the garden.

Now we can’t imagine life without Rosie, so I’d highly recommend that people wanting a cat, consider adopting an older animal, who will very quickly become a loyal little friend and playmate. Older cats are not so set in their ways that they don’t fit in, in fact I think they are more than willing to fit into a family and find their own little places, where they can dream away their days and be happy.

Best wishes,
Joy Bassetti Kruger


This gorgeous ex kitty shelter mom, arrived at kitty shelter as a young mommy cat about 4 years ago, we homed her babies and after about 6 months homed her. About a year later we got a phone call from, the owners family who informed us that the owner had been institutionalized and had abandoned his cat who hadn't been fed for weeks by this stage. We once again took her in fattened her up and brought her back to health. After a while we managed to home her to a family with loads of kids; she lived happily with this family for about 2 years until last week when we got a call that unfortunately she had to come back! The latest addition to the family a tiny baby only a few days old was allergic, and the cat had to go! The family felt awful but didn't have a choice. So here she is, completely hooked on the company of children, preferably in large groups, and desperately needing a nice noisy home, Please come meet her!




This tiny bundle of fur, was brought in by some wonderful people who had found him and rescued him, immediately bringing him through to us. I took one look and thought, his snuffles was the worst case I have ever seen. We immediately started meds, his eyes were so infected that I thought he was sure to suffer a ruptured eyeball, something we have seen happen in severe herpes cases. To cut a long story short a month later he is still on anti-biotic and several types of eye drops; slowly but surely he is getting better, he has even started playing and purring. We have tested him for aids and leukaemia and he tested negative, he has got such a lot of fight in him, I really think he is going to make it. There is nothing more rewarding then nursing these babies back to health when all the odds are stacked against them. We Hope that one day soon, Sebastian will find a special home that will love and look after him, he deserves nothing less!



Resident Feral Cats

Here are some pictures of the feral cats that live in our Feral Run, aren't they beautiful? So sad that we can never home them. Food donations are always appreciated!

Find out all you need to know about Feral cats by Clicking Here!

Senior Citizens

Here are some elderly ladies and gentlemen, that have landed up living out their golden years at the shelter. Their owners are deceased or like with Julius the cat, who is at least 15 years old, his owners decided he is old and should be put to sleep. He is still healthy and although grumpy at times he still lives a quality life. His owners haven't bothered to ask how he is doing. Don't animals deserve the dignity of getting old gracefully just like humans; especially when they are happy and healthy? Here are a few pictures of our 'older folk':-


Beautiful elderly lady seeing out her golden years at our shelter, she lived at the Wits campus most of her life, now she has retired to a life of luxury. Welcome Amber!



Senior Citizen Bafana


Thabo Senior Citizen gets the chop

Julius Senior Citizen

Karina Senior Citizen
(18 years old)

Please email us if you have or want any advice, or if you are able to help us in any way. E-mail us pictures and an update on the babies that have been adopted from us. Every cat that is homed from Kitty Shelter has a special memory with us, so please share your pictures or an update as to what is happening in your special little fur bundles life, we would love to hear from you!