Kitty Shelter is a "no-kill" cat and kitten rescue group, rescuing abandoned, abused & injured animals in Gauteng.
Helping hand
We are a non-profit, welfare organization and therefore rely heavily on donations from the public – people who care about animals in the same way we do. Not all of our animals are short-term visitors - some may be at Kitty Shelter for months, as they require extensive treatments. Some of our feral cats may never be homed, but nevertheless require all our love and attention. All donations are greatly appreciated and desperately needed.


Monthly Debit Order donations from as little as R10 per month or once off deposits of larger sums can make a huge difference to our animals. It can aid in repairing, improving our runs as well as maintaining the good health of our animals.

Kitty Shelter
First National Bank
Melrose Arch
Branch code: 254405
Account Number: 62068805418

Text “kittens” to 48748 and make a R10.00 donation today!


  • Tinned cat/dog food and pellets
  • Blankets
  • Toys
  • Scratch posts
  • Kennels
  • Towels
  • Cat/dog beds
  • Heaters
  • Heating pads
  • Hot water bottles
  • Medical supplies (syringe needles – detailed description can be specified if you can help)


We always welcome volunteers at Kitty Shelter who can help with spending quality time with our animals. It is part of a vital process of rehabilitation. Some of our animals come in very traumatized and stressed, but with lots of love and attention most of them become completely rehabilitated. All volunteers are educated on hygiene, for example, washing of hands between touching different groups of animals, as well as advice on behavioural problems, correct care and responsible ownership. Some of our volunteers also help out with fostering.

One Of our Volunteers

If you feel you can help, please give us a call on 071 633 9488.


Kitty Shelter cats are happily fed Hills Science Diet. Good quality food is imperative to our animals' rehabilitation and general health as most of them come from underprivileged backgrounds.
Our Vets
  • Craighall Veterinary Clinic -: 011 442 7361

  • Oaklands Veterinary Clinic -: 011 728 6012

  • Oxford Road Veterinary Clinic -: 011 788 3211

  • Radiokop Veterinary Clinic -: 011 475 8680

  • Sandown Veterinary Clinic -: 011 783 4607