Kitty Shelter is a "no-kill" cat and kitten rescue group, rescuing abandoned, abused & injured animals in Gauteng.
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July 2013

It has been a while since all of our friends, supporters, sponsors and adopters have heard from us and we thought it would be a great idea to update all of you with some of the latest news from Kitty Shelter and Cataholics, so here goes....!!!

Kitty Shelter continues in its mission to provide a safe, comfortable and happy home for abandoned, abused and unwanted cats and kittens, as well as providing suitable, caring and loving parents with the opportunity to adopt the kittens and cats of their dreams, for life! So far, 2013 has proved no exception, all in all, Kitty Shelter has taken in 280 kittens and cats, ranging in ages from new born to mature adults and amazing new homes have already been found for 220 of them. Well done to all of our new parents for the great deed that you have done, we hope that your new "babies" bring you much happiness and joy and we thank you for your support!

Meanwhile, the rest remain with us, awaiting their forever homes and safely ensconced in their special enclosures or runs, together with their friends. We are able to cater for all of them with dedicated bedrooms and play areas for the kittens, more open enclosures for the young, active adult cats, quieter retirement facilities for the older cats, “free-range” facilities for our ferals and hospital facilities for sick kittens and cats, where they can recuperate from any illnesses or trauma in peace and quiet. Our founder, Merien, regularly takes "special cases" home with her or calls on her specialist volunteers to step in and help where round the clock specialised care is required. In addition, with the support of all our wonderful, caring vets from Sandown Veterinary Clinic, Craighall Veterinary Clinic, Oxford Road Veterinary Clinic, Oaklands Veterinary Clinic and Radiokop Veterinary Clinic, we are also able to provide our kittens and cats with the highest quality veterinary care and support as and when required.

The Kitty Shelter motto is "From Dumpster to Diva" and the emphasis and focus at Kitty Shelter has, and always will be, on providing kittens and cats with a "home from home" of the highest quality care, comprising plenty of love, warmth, comfort, snuggly blankets, fun toys, entertaining diversions and activities, climbing "cat trees" and safe, quiet sleeping quarters.

Highlights from 2012/2013 have included:

  • The opening of newly renovated feral facility, under the oak trees, with plenty of shelter and a new customised, top of the range Wendy house, insulated and large enough for a bed and sofa for our ferals to cuddle up on during cold winter nights without compromising on their love of freedom and the great outdoors.

  • The upgrading of the indoor/outdoor facilities for the older cats to allow them to socialise and play with each other, complete with interesting hanging plants and objects, as well as heated "escape" platforms for peace and quiet as required.


  • Special viewing area so that our new batch of kittens can be viewed safely and easily by prospective parents.

  • The up-grading of the Kitty Shelter shop, now stocked with the best in range, tried and tested food, baskets, carry cases, toys, litter trays, in fact everything that your very special baby might wish for, all at extremely reasonable prices, the proceeds of which all go to the Shelter and which offers shopper an unmissable and unparalled “one-stop” feline shopping experience, conveniently situated on the way to Hyde Park and Rosebank.

Our "Virtual Adopt a Cat" initiative continues to flourish. By participating in this initiative, those who love cats but through personal circumstances are unable to provide any of them with a home, are still able to provide for their care and well being and are able to visit and play with their chosen "adoptee" on a regular basis. We currently have 40 cats and parents participating in this initiative and special mention should go to Ayesha Essop for really making the most of it and enhancing the whole experience for her special adoptive baby Diesal, as well as the rest of the parents! For those of you who might be interested in participating in this initiative, please contact Merien at the number provided the end of the page.

The team at Kitty Shelter currently comprises our Founder, Merien, as well as Marianna, Lindy, Elaine and Tarryn in front office, Colin and Alpheus behind the scenes taking care of everyone day to day and our team of regular volunteers, a list of whom appears at the end of this newsletter. For those of you who may know, Colin is a legendary "cat whisperer", able to tame and care for the most feral and ferocious cats, when the rest of us, even Merien, shrink away, cowering with terror! If any of you have any interest in volunteering, which could include visiting us to offer love and affection to some of our babies, please don't delay, contact us to schedule your visits!

In addition to our team, we would be nowhere without the help and financial and other assistance from some of our greatest supporters, too many to mention, some of whom are even based off-shore! We do however just want to give a special mention to Tessa Christellis who adopted several of our babies, including a mother and babies, and took them all the way to Sydney, Australia, where they live a most glamorous expat life, close to the sea Tessa is unstinting in her on-going financial support for Kitty Shelter and we thank her very much for this. She is a wonderful, kind person and a true friend of Kitty Shelter.

We also just want to give a special mention to Janet Friedlander! Janet has adopted numerous babies from us over the years and is extremely supportive and generous. One of Janet's most innovative funding initiatives includes obliging her guests to dip into their pockets and to donate something towards Kitty Shelter before dinner is served, a very clever and novel approach, perhaps a little bemusing for those the members of the legal fraternity that she entertains on a regular basis, but we are most appreciative and grateful for their generosity, a big thank you to them and to you too, Janet!!!

Finally, a thank you to Beata, who takes special care of our ferals and the feral enclosure on a regular basis, we are very grateful to her.

So, in conclusion, as you can see, we are flourishing and continuing full steam ahead in our mission here at Kitty Shelter! We want to thank you all of you, for your on-going interest and support, however you may choose to show it and however small or large it may be, as it all makes a difference! Obviously, in these times of austerity and economic hardship, we are suffering as much as everyone else. If there is any way you could support us, by bringing us supplies of blankets, toys, equipment, food or financially, or by volunteering in some way, we and all our kittens and cats would be most grateful, so please reach out to us. By supporting the Kitty Shelter shop and our boarding facilities, you are providing very valuable and much needed support to all of our cats and kittens. In addition, any financial contribution, no matter how small or large, that you may be able to make would really help us, please see our account details at the end.

Thank you all, once again, from Merien and the rest of the team at Kitty Shelter! We look forward to seeing you soon!!

Purrs and Warm Snuggles

The Kitty Shelter Team


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