Kitty Shelter is a "no-kill" cat and kitten rescue group, rescuing abandoned, abused & injured animals in Gauteng.
Kitty Shelter has over 60 resident cats. Not all our adult cats are homeable. Many come in from traumatised backgrounds and are beyond the point of being rehabilitated. And as such they will permanently live at Kitty Shelter.

Some of our cats are sickly and although homeable, their monthly medical costs are expensive.

Our homeable adult cats, many of whom have been with us for years, wait patiently in the hope of finding a loving home. Your monthly contributions go towards the up keep and medical costs of these cats.

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The star of Prison Break. Howie was brought in by the neighbours only to escape all the way back home again where he sadly discovered his family had moved. So he came back again.


Elvis is still very shy and although not homeable he has settled comfortably here at Kitty Shelter.


Hilda along with her sister, who has since been homed, came in badly malnourished and sick. She now looks forward to the day she too finds a new family.



Kyle was rescued from a feral coloney. Although he has relaxed over time, he is still not homeable.

Yogi's Girl

Yogi's Girl was brought in with her mommy and brother after being discovered on a farm. Content in her space here, she has never tamed.


Another feral rescue, now happily living at Kitty Shelter



Brought in by a volunteer he is an old boy who is set in his ways and due to the medical costs incurred as a result of his broken leg, he is not homeable.


Found at the Pick N Pay, Valentino although a little shy, is looking for the right home to help him come out of his shell.


Lucy's owners moved and in the process abandoned her and her mom. They have since found a warm place to snuggle here at Kitty Shelter.


Ken and Kosak

Both Ken and Kosak were rescued from a feral coloney and have tamed nicely over the years.

One of Black Boy's


The Boy's

Just chilling.

A lot of our resident females came in initially with litters of kittens which have since been homed.
Now these "ex" mommies are each patiently waiting their turn to find loving and caring homes themeselves.


Very first cat at Kitty Shelter. Mommy came in 8 years ago with her litter of kittens and has been with us ever since.


One of Dennis's rescued cats (see Cat Stories), Loolie is timid and in need of a very loving home.


Teddy is a beautiful tabby who has happily settled at Kitty Shelter until the perfect home comes along.



Lexie is a pure white feral mom, whose kitties have all found happy homes. Lexie is not homeable.


Nellie has cancer and although a very gentle natured girl, is unlikely to be homed due to her medical condition and the costs involved therein.


Bea is a sweet and affectionate girl in need of a warm and caring home.

Some more pictures of our resident cats.