The cattery has outdoor and indoor luxurious facilities. Each cat or family of cats is kept in their own private run and are not mixed with other boarders. This ensures that no diseases are passed between the cats as well as no fighting occurs. The runs are separated with sneeze barriers (again ensuring that no diseases can be transmitted). There is no grass or sand in the runs as this is not hygienic and diseases can be passed from each border, as you cannot disinfect these materials. The floor of the runs is concrete, allowing for thorough disinfection. The houses are made of brick and concrete with proper glass windows. We advise our clients to bring their pet ’s bed or bedding that the pet likes so that it has familiar smells of home. We also encourage you to bring along favourite toys to keep them occupied.

All cats are fed veterinary foods, such as Hills, Royal Canin or Iams. We require all boarders to be vaccinated, de-wormed and de-flead one week prior to boarding.

If your cat falls ill during its stay, we ’ll ensure that your cat received veterinary care, but you will be responsible for the payment.

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