Kitty Shelter runs on a foster care based program where kittens are kept in foster homes all around Johannesburg, by foster families who have normal everyday jobs and foster for the love of kitties. The foster home gives them valued skills that come with living in a household with other dogs, cats and humans. We provide food and cover medical costs that are needed to foster, the most difficult part for the foster family is the ‘letting go’ part. The kitties need us and the shelter will always be available to assist a foster family, we just need a safe and warm home environment for kitties to grow up until they ready to be homed. If fostering sounds like something you would be interested in, please complete the application form below and if your application is successful, you’ll be added to our database network.

When kitten(s) are brought into the shelter, we give you a call and if you are available to foster, you will either fetch the kitten(s) or we will arrange for the kitten(s) to be dropped off with you. Kitten milk formula, food and litter can be provided if you wish. While the kitten(s) are in your care, you may need to take them to one of our affiliated vets (only if required), otherwise you raise and love them until they are adopted. When the kittens reach approximately 7-8 weeks of age, we advertise for them on our Facebook page and prospective owners will contact you to view the kitten at your home.

Kindly download, complete and email the following form to